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Teeth Whitening Dentist

First Impression Is The Best Impression, And More Often The First Thing That People Notice About You, Is Your Smile. A White, Bright, Radiant Smile Will Enhance Your Personality And Boost Your Self Confidence.

Dr.Chhil’s is the Best Teeth Whitening Dentist In Mumbai. We Analyze The Reason Of Discoloration Before Deciding What Teeth Whitening System Is Needed
The Main Causes Of Internal Tooth Discoloration Are Medicines, Tooth Decay, Restorations, Root Canal Issues, And Trauma.

External Tooth Discoloration Is Caused Mainly Foods And Tobacco. The Main Causes Of External Tooth Yellowing Are Smoking, Foods With Tannins, Coffee, Tea, Carrots, Oranges, And Other Foods.

In 45 Minutes Your Teeth Will Be Whiten Up To 5 Shades Lighter. This System Is Perfect For Patients Who Are Eager To See Results Right Away Or Don’t Have The Time To Dedicate To An At-Home Whitening System. It Is A Highly Effective Way Of Lightening The Natural Colour Of Your Teeth, Without Removing Any Of The Tooth Surface.

The Teeth Whitening Dentist Process Begins With The Patients’ Teeth Being Cleaned. Next, All Soft Tissues Around The Teeth Are Protected With A Protective Barrier. The Whitening Gel Is Then Applied And Activated By A Special Light Emitted From The Laser Whitening Machine. After Three To Four Cycles, Depending On The Whiteness Desired, The Protective Gel Is Removed From The Gums, You Have A Whiter, Brighter Smile!