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About Us

Started in 1978, by experienced and far sighted dental surgeon Dr Abbas Nooruddin Chhil,(BDS) opened his clinic originally known as “Burhani Dental Clinic”. With his perseverance and hard work he has made his distinctive legacy of achievements in his field and have created many happy smiles.Through the following decades and under the able guidance and leadership of his father, Dr Husain Abbas Chhil (BDS, MDS) has flourished, evolved and established a reputation as a well known Endodontist in south Mumbai.

Together they have opened a modern, state of art clinic at a new location known as Dr Chhil’s Dental Specialities on 19th Dec 2018.

Dr Chhil’s Dental Specialities pulsates with a positive visceral energy, thus keeping the patients sentiments at the forefront and appreciating multiple perspective and views. The clinic follows strict sterilization protocol with high standards of asepsis. As you navigate your way in our virtual space, hope to see you walk through the doors of our clinic someday, thus making the world a better place, one day at a time.